Top 5 Turkey Dances

Thanksgiving is upon us!

The history of Thanksgiving is sobering (here’s looking at you #colonialism). It also comes with a bunch of weird traditions – like turkey gifs!

We love movement in all forms, so we made a list of our favorite ones.


#5:  The Solo Moment

Animated Turkey

#4: The Shimmy

Monica Turkey GIF

#3: The Sibling Situation

#2: The Secret Solo

Kitchen Turkey

#1: The Snoop (aka Happy Food Dance)

Snoop Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Keep movin’,



Happy Thanksgiving!


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As everyone enjoys the festivities in the coming days and weeks, I hope we all take time to remember that friends, family, love, respect, acceptance, and being grateful are important at all times of the year. Without each other, what do we have? Thank you for being a part of our dynamic, diverse, and inclusive community. Thank you for pushing us forward!

Photo: Host Committee Members from Rooftop Revelry
Photo Credit: Scott Shaw