Top 5 Turkey Dances

Thanksgiving is upon us!

The history of Thanksgiving is sobering (here’s looking at you #colonialism). It also comes with a bunch of weird traditions – like turkey gifs!

We love movement in all forms, so we made a list of our favorite ones.


#5:  The Solo Moment

Animated Turkey

#4: The Shimmy

Monica Turkey GIF

#3: The Sibling Situation

#2: The Secret Solo

Kitchen Turkey

#1: The Snoop (aka Happy Food Dance)

Snoop Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Keep movin’,



RahMoves: Wandering Rome Vol.1

This year, and much of last year, I’ve been based in Rome, Italy. So it’s only fair that I give the Eternal City the love it deserves with some site-specific improvs. Here’s a couple to start with, on Aventine Hill.

Fun Fact: Aventine Hill is also known as Il Giardino del Arancia, or “Park of the Oranges”.

Enjoy and keep movin’,

What Moves You: Diedre Graham

Photo by Adam Holmgren (IG @adamholmgren_photography)

Diedre Graham: Freelance Dancer
Mobile, Alabama

What Moves You?
“My passion for dance and desire to inspire people, especially young girls. I created Imagine Me: Image in Me™, which raises awareness about body image and self-esteem in young girls ranging from ages 12 – 18 years old. Imagine Me: Image in Me™ began as a project birthed from the pain I experienced as an aspiring ballerina in high school when I was told that I did not have the right body type to be cast. The program has evolved over the past ten years to include life skills, motivation, empowerment, and integration of the arts with STEM activities. ‘Dancers are not great because of their technique. They are great because of their passion.’- Martha Graham”

Diedre is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a major in Dance and double minors in German and Anthropology. While enrolled at UA, Diedre studied abroad in China and Germany. She distinguished herself academically and artistically as an ABT (American Ballet Theatre) Scholarship Recipient and the recipient of several dance honors from the University of Alabama Department of Theater and Dance.

After graduating, Diedre accepted a position as a teacher in the Mobile County Public System. And she became a member of Sanspointe Dance Company. She was also commissioned to perform a pas de deux choreographed by Sarah Barry in Danceform’s 70th International Choreographers’ Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland. Diedre was a ‘Ring Shout’ dancer in “ROOTS” miniseries. She worked as a dancer during Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Christmas Town. Additionally, she performed at Broadway Bares: Game night, the Booking Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center, for the city of New York’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services’ Black History Month Program, “Love is Love” Choreographers Showcase, and STEPS Beyond Foundation presents “Choreography in Uncertain Times” performance lab. Diedre choreographed and danced in Milennial Ethics Productions’ “Flip the Script” and Icelandic artist Cell7even’s “Built to Last” music video.

Diedre’s dance training is diverse and includes training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s summer intensive, American Ballet Theatre’s summer intensives, Sheffield School of the Dance, Mobile Ballet and Atlanta Ballet. She participated in projects with noted choreographers Olivia Cipolla, Nuo An, Angel Kaba, Caitlyn Trainor, Chris Judd, Dave Scott, and Eddie Garcia. Additionally, Diedre served as both a performer and choreographer in the Actor’s Charitable Theater’s production of The Color Purple.

For the past two years, Diedre has traveled to Montrouis, Haiti to teach the fundamentals of ballet to orphans. And she participated in a food and water distribution to a rural community with access to water. Currently, Diedre is working on her Master of Public Administration through Penn State’s World Campus. While in high school, she created Imagine Me: Image in Me, which is an organization designed to raise awareness about body image and self-esteem through dance for girls between the ages of 12-18. Diedre plans on converting that into an international nonprofit organization. Also, after completing her degree, she plans on working in Human Resources and arts advocacy through public policy.

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RahDanceWorks Turns 8!

It was in March, 8 years ago, that I started some movement projects and formed a dance company. That was 8…years…ago! Wow!

It’s been a crazy ride. I’ve changed the name 2x, some years I haven’t even presented work, and I’m still figuring it out. There have been (and still are) so many times I felt like a failure…But my success doesn’t look like your success. And yours shouldn’t look like mine. Because that would be boring.

There is room for all types of art and artists, in all shapes and sizes and durations. Art reflects life, and I love variety. So, I’m gonna take a moment to celebrate!

I’ve met and brought artists together from around the world, self-produced events to showcase new work, been asked to present my own choreography in a solo show, and helped foster creative aging projects. But it takes a village and I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most inspiring dancers, artists, and arts admin (I really love you all so much). And now I’m solo traveling and sharing dance in some pretty dope locations. 8 years strong. So here’s to 8 more.

Please enjoy this little montage I created of some site-specific improvs over the last year or so:

Keep movin’,


Arianna 6

Arianna Camille: Dancer
Philadelphia, USA

What Moves You?
“I am moved by the voice inside me that declares, ‘I have something to say’. Dance is more than just a universal language; it is my native tongue in which I can express all the thoughts and emotions that words can never give justice to. With this language, I can connect with humans across boundaries of linguistic and cultural differences in the most honest way possible.”

Arianna began her professional dance training in classical ballet at the age of 15 at the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia. She performed as a guest artist with Budzynski Ballet Theater’s “Nutcracker” and “Coppelia”. At the age of 19, following a desire to move more into the world of contemporary dance, she auditioned for and was accepted to the Certificate program at the Ailey School. She has also trained at Ballet Hispanico, Parsons Dance, and Henny Jurriens in Amsterdam. Arianna has performed works by choreographers such as Earl Mosely, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Judine Somervillle, and Alvin Ailey. She currently performs free-lance in NYC and teaches and choreographs at The Art & Dance Project in Queens, NY. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @arianna.camille

Photo Credits @ Qenu Muse, Kike Abed, Andrew Gonzalez, Noel Valero, and Joerg Didlap

RahMoves: Castel Gandolfo

Earlier this week I found myself on a mini adventure to Castel Gandolfo, a cute little lakeside town about one hour south of Rome. It’s a perfect day trip but not for the faint of heart (unless you have a car). I’m just sayin’ the hills were a WORKOUT. But it was worth it because the town was adorable, the people were sweet, and the food was GOOD (I mean, hi, we’re talking about Italy so not like it’ll be bad….but still).

The Place to Eat: 
Al Chiaro di Luna (Via Spiaggia del Lago, 2). It’s on the Lake. Get the fish! Gnocchi was good too 🙂

But What Moved Me? …The path we took to the lake:

How to Get There:
We took the train from Roma Termini and it was only 40 minutes. The train stop is in the middle of the hill, so you can either choose to walk up to the main town or down to the lake. We did both (walked up first and walked down after….and then back up to the train).

And, here’s a secret view of the lake from the main town:

Keep movin’,

Center of Town

Fish Dish

Path to Lake

The Lake

The Town

Train Trees




Hadano City, Japan

What Moves You? 
“The experience and the research I go through when I dance; I get closer and closer to the animal that I am.”

MANATSU TANAKA is a Japanese Artist who is pursuing her education with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Theater Arts. She is continuing to connect with different fields of artists to discover and expand her artistic tools in the Performing Arts.

As an emerging performer, she has been in works by Paul Taylor, Douglas Dunn, Jon Lehrer, Tony Bordonaro (Emursive), Marie Zvosec (Brooklyn Opera Works), Mariana Taragano (Taragano Theater), Bliss Kohlmyer (Project Agora), Paula Peters (Spectrum), Paul Mockovak (Ballet Randolph), and various choreographers including concert dance works, regional theaters, and dance festivals. Recently, she has been featured in Mona Haydar’s music video “Lifted”, and in other national and international artists such as Cell7 (Iceland), The Next Greatest American Novelist, Melody English and Santiago Music. She has also worked with Shellscrape Theater Company (NYC), Nocturnes Experience (NYC), Lazy Susan Art Gallery (NYC),  Performing Arts Company (Fredonia) as a Stage Manager, Performing Artist, Actor, and Assistant Director. She continues to expand her artistry in Theater, Dance, Music Videos, Films and more to discover, finding new ways of expression. Her IG is @manatsu.tanaka and her website is

Photo Credits: @imaginatordeto, @johncamino, @thelene, @alongiphoto

RahMoves: Hidden Groves in Viterbo, Italy

I love the feeling of FEELING a moment.

Luckily, it happens to me a lot as I travel! I see many beautiful spaces and even better, hidden locations that have stories waiting to be told. Manmade or nature made, every place has a flow and a story. Sometimes when you look it takes your breath away – and you want to stay in that moment forever.

The nook I found in the small town of Viterbo, Italy is like that. The sun was setting, and time stood still for a moment. When I looked down at it, I thought it was very romantic in its solitude. It’s a sweet little getaway in the center of town.  And I was right – it is a romantic spot! Because what you can’t see in the video are the various teenage couples in hidden groves stealing kisses from one another.

I was kind of embarrassed to start moving in front of such an intimate audience, so I’m more restricted than I want to be in this video. I love it anyway because it’s all part of my movement journey and #RahDanceTravels. We’re all a work in progress, amiright?

The extra special bit about this vignette is the music. Last week I had a wonderful dinner with an older Italian couple, Silvano and Lucia. It took me about two minutes to basically fall in love with them. Both around 80 years old, Silvano played his harmonica for an hour while Lucia cooked up an incredible Italian Sunday dinner like it was the Last Supper. It was pure joy. What you hear in the video is a live-recording of Silvano playing.


And keep movin’,

What Moves You? @ Sarah Pilger

image1 (1)

Sarah Pilger: Dancer
San Francisco, CA

What Moves You? 
“Humans. Our grand varieties, the things we make, the emotions we feel, and our ever-changing identities.”

image6 (1)

I grew up just outside of San Francisco, in a small town called San Anselmo. I just graduated from the University and Pennsylvania and decided very last minute to move to New York and pursue my passion for dance. Penn has a very pre-professional culture that seems inescapable and unavoidable. I was set on applying to grad schools, but decided I couldn’t live in regret if I didn’t step outside of my comfort zone and try to dance professionally.

Photo Credits: (black and white): Jason Lau; (arabesque): Araba Ankuma; (overall white with blue fabric): Jason Lau; (blue smoke): Kevin Wang; (pink background): Carson Kahoe; (red background): Christian Hopkins