What Moves You? @ Rebecca Jones


Rebecca Jones: Dancer
Winchester, England

What Moves You?
“I dance to express myself in ways I could never put into words. ”


About Rebecca Jones:
“My name is Rebecca Jones, I am from England and have been dancing since the age of 3. I am currently in my third year of dancing with Atlantic City Ballet. I began dancing with Wendy Allsopp in Winchester and was also a senior associate at the Royal Ballet School. Throughout my training, I danced with London Children’s Ballet on the West End, National Youth Ballet, Hampshire Youth Dance Company and the role of Clara in English Youth Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’. In addition, I also performed with youth musical theatre companies including playing the role of Little Cosette in Centrestage productions youth theatre’s ‘Les Miserables’. I began my full-time training at age 16 at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, where I studied for 3 years on the dance course specializing in Classical Ballet. I trained in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance as well as taking singing lessons. After graduating from Tring I completed a year as a trainee with Atlantic City Ballet where I was promoted to apprentice and continue to dance now.”

What Moves You? @ Hayley Descavich


Hayley Descavich: Choreographer
Greenfield, MA

What Moves You? 
“The intricacy of time and breath.”

Hayley began her training at Stoneleigh Burnham School in Greenfield, Massachusetts. She graduated from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dance Pedagogy in 2012. While at Hartt she studied ballet with Hilda Morales, Debra Collins Ryder, and Samantha Dunster. She performed works by Shannon Gillen and Charlotte Griffen. She was recently affiliated with Cirque du Solei. She has participated in intensive programs with AlivinAiley, David Parsons, and Paul Taylor. The summer of 2013 she showcased her choreography, Descavich Choreography (DC2), at the Secret Theatre in Queens. Hayley’s teaching experience includes Sorvino Dance Intensive in Massachusetts,University of Hartford Hartt School Community Division emphasis on teaching children, and the Joffrey Ballet School. She has actively volunteered in local theater and children’s workshops, choreographing and teaching dance.

For more, https://www.descavichchoreography.com/

Photo Credits: Laura Keller and Vasilis Argyropoulos

What Moves You? @ Roksolana Dobrianska


Roksolana Dobrianska: Dancer
New York City

What Moves You? 
“Music is what I’m most connected to with dance; how my body and my self reacts to different music. Music that brings out feelings so strongly making me want to move and dance. It can range from John Legend to Chopin played on piano to a full orchestra piece. It can be sad, happy, or a just powerful melody with an influence on me. Whenever there is music that hits me so strongly that I must move and I must dance. The desire and need to do so feels almost otherworldly. It just overcomes you. George Balanchine famously once said, “See the music, hear the dance”, and I’m a firm believer in that. Maturing in life has also expanded how I present myself to an audience and how I dance.”

About Roksolana
Roksolana has been dancing and performing since the age of 6 with training in ballet and Ukrainian folk dance. She has studied at studios such as Steps on Broadway, Ballet Academy East, Broadway Dance Center, Ailey Extension, and Ballet Arts at City Center. She has performed at various venues including NY City Center, Alice Tully Hall, Metropolitan Opera House as well as many cultural festivals. She has an upcoming performance in a ballet for a private event that will raise money for a non for profit company.

Photo Credit: Nestor Muzychka

What Moves You? Ash Lee


Ash Lee: Dancer
Budd Lake, NJ

What Moves You? 
“When you don’t make moves, everyone loves you; you are no competition. However, when you do, you’re suddenly the threat…or a reflection of what someone else wants to be. You are on the way to success. What moves me is this constant idea of trying to perfect an art that is near imperfect. There is no one way to dance, no final destination; it is an ongoing progress that is never completed. The learning is infinite, and so are the opportunities. This is how I grow. This is why I dance.”

Ashley Wiedow was born and raised in New Jersey. She started dancing at a young age, growing into what is now the expansive dance world. Within this time she furthered her career by attaining a BFA in Dance, dancing with companies, performances, and choreographing. She is currently sharing her knowledge with the newer generations through teaching, but her passion is for performance.

For more: www.youtube/exactlymypointe.

Photo credit in doorway: Vanessa Gonzalez- Bunster