RahDanceWorks was founded in 2011 with the mission to encourage positive connections through movement and choreographic presentation. We choreograph and curate shows, promote new work from local and international artists, build community programs, and blog about dance all over the world. Our curiosity in finding out what moves people is the catalyst behind our movement and curations. The company was built on three pillars: Curating, Choreography, and Community.

Curating is a large part of the Company’s mission and at the heart of everything we do. The intention of our curated events is to encourage new work and to promote underserved artists and communities. We curate evening-length productions, pop-up events, and community happenings.


Sarah’s choreography is rooted in an approach to human psychology and condition, and the Company’s process is about sharing ideas through collaboration while maintaining individual voices. RahDance aims to create art that is reflective and supportive of our unique human experiences.

RahDanceWorks considers itself part of a global-based community of movers and dance lovers. We are interested in finding out what moves each community we come across – and in finding out what that movement is across cultures. RahDance was founded in Harlem and is continuously inspired by its rich culture, history, and energy.