Sarah Horne | Creative Director

02-DSC_1075Hi! I’m Sarah. An artist, curator, arts administrator and unrelenting optimist dedicated to the contemporary dance field. 

I grew up in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) but I’m a “Third Culture Kid,” someone who was raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture. My education came in many forms because of this non-traditional upbringing. Moving from country to country allowed an exposure to different movement lifestyles and it has continued to inform my personal ethos as well as my artistic voice.

The first time I remember really dancing was at my middle school dance. I was with my friends in the center of the dance floor, except I was just standing there. Finally a friend said, “Sarah you have to MOVE your body”. Ha! I’ll never forget what happened after… I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment when I connected to the music, left my inhibitions behind, and felt the joy that dancing gave me. I think my life purpose was locked in, in those moments.

I started my formal dance training a few years later, when I was sixteen. Fast forward a little more and my passion for choreography began at SUNY Brockport while completing my BFA in Dance. I developed a deep love for the creative process. 

Another big moment for me was attending a large international dance festival in Vienna, Austria. The embers of my passion for arts administration were fueled when I saw artists, dancers, choreographers, and dance-lovers from all over the world, come together for one purpose – to dance and to be around dance. In that moment I became more than just an artist, I became a human motivated to advocate for the power of dance in people of all levels and abilities. 

In 2011, I went to NYU to get my Master’s Degree in Performing Arts Administration and founded RahDanceWorks that same year. Finally, I had combined my artistic passions with my interest in community development!

RahDanceWorks started out as a small dance company showcasing my choreography, curating productions and community events, and advocating for social and environmental justice through movement. This work became the baby bones of my company. Then I began to work and consult for organizations like New York City Ballet, Gibney Dance Center, and Cadenza Artists. Through this, I realized that my unusual combination of experiences and skills gave me a unique perspective on living a life in dance – and that I could share that with the greater community. RahDanceWorks is continuing to grow and I hope you’ll join me on this dance train…

I will offer free content, online training programs, and anything else I can think of, because the purpose of RahDanceWorks is to empower you to have a greater connection to yourself and your community through dance, no matter your level or ability, so you can thrive and feel joy. 

RahDanceWorks provides access, information, experiences, community, and inspiration to professionals and pre-professional artists — as well as everyday dance lovers. Our goal is to inspire the artist in you. The best way to stay “in the know” is to sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter.

I place value on the courage it takes to shape a positive and healthy culture in the dance industry, to be committed to and accountable for progressive and inclusive community work, and to celebrate all bodies that want to dance and be a part of the dance community. I’m here to help empower you to find your authentic and creative self.

With love and funky dance moves,