RahMoves: Ibiza

So…I think I’ll say this about every place, but I just want to go back to Ibiza (cue Venga Boys “Going to Ibiza” anthem)! I was mostly in the main town, which I also heard as “Old Town”, but I managed to get over to Talamanca, San Antoni, and Salinas Beach. There was A LOT to explore and I just didn’t manage to get to it all – so I would recommend renting a car if you can. I also heard taking a ferry to Formentera is a must, and I will absolutely be doing that next time!

The old town has lots of hipster-chic terrace cafes and you can wander up and down the cobblestone streets. But after weaving in and out of the cute shops, go watch a breath-taking sunset from Baluard de Santa Llucia. It had 360-degree views and it’s romantic and wonderful and everything you want it to be. Talamanca was a chill, no-frills, beach spot off some of the main roads so it’s easy to get to. And San Antoni…well, that’s the place to grab a sangria pitcher and watch the sunset.

What Moved Me:
The BoatYard. That’s what I’m calling it anyway. Since I was there before the main summer season, all the boats – and yachts – were still packed away safely in “boat storage” …aka “The BoatYard”.  I was there at night and it was magical and eerie. Obviously, the perfect backdrop for a RahMoves improv! I didn’t realize anyone was watching (other than my boyfriend who I love to death for putting up with my crazy video requests)…but the security guard started clapping when I was done. It was a BoatYard séance!

For the Sunset Lovers:
(1) Sunset Strip in San Antoni (we sat at New U Salon, but there are so many options on the strip)
(2) Top of the Fort in Old Town (Baluard de Santa Llucia)
(3) Walking along the port/boardwalk across from Old Town

The Eats:
(1) Restaurant Sa Punta or “Patchwork” in Talamanca Beach. A remote spot with great views.
(2) Restaurant Placa del Sol. On the hill in Old Town. Amazing views, chic vibe and great sangria. There’s also a place around the corner with a fun lounge vibe if you prefer that (S’Escalinata).
(3) Jockey Club at Salinas Beach.

Some Places to Wander:
(1) The marina by the port in Old Town. So many cute shops and cafes.
(2) The Passeig de Vara de Rey. It’s a big square in Old Town with great people watching and places to grab a snack/drink at night.

The Timing:
Being in Ibiza right before the summer crowds definitely had its perks. You still get a mix of people – the euro chic, the hippie cool, the fashionistas and the locals. But you miss much of the infamous club scene. Missing that craziness worked for me, but it might not for you. The beach weather will be a little hit or miss but if this all sounds about right – then I recommend going in April and early May.

One last thing I loved about Ibiza – they have a newspaper dedicated to POSITIVE NEWS. It’s called “The Ibiza Optimista”. I think that’s such a wonderful idea and also a small representation of how the island outlook/culture is.

Keep Movin’,

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