Hadano City, Japan

What Moves You? 
“The experience and the research I go through when I dance; I get closer and closer to the animal that I am.”

MANATSU TANAKA is a Japanese Artist who is pursuing her education with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Theater Arts. She is continuing to connect with different fields of artists to discover and expand her artistic tools in the Performing Arts.

As an emerging performer, she has been in works by Paul Taylor, Douglas Dunn, Jon Lehrer, Tony Bordonaro (Emursive), Marie Zvosec (Brooklyn Opera Works), Mariana Taragano (Taragano Theater), Bliss Kohlmyer (Project Agora), Paula Peters (Spectrum), Paul Mockovak (Ballet Randolph), and various choreographers including concert dance works, regional theaters, and dance festivals. Recently, she has been featured in Mona Haydar’s music video “Lifted”, and in other national and international artists such as Cell7 (Iceland), The Next Greatest American Novelist, Melody English and Santiago Music. She has also worked with Shellscrape Theater Company (NYC), Nocturnes Experience (NYC), Lazy Susan Art Gallery (NYC),  Performing Arts Company (Fredonia) as a Stage Manager, Performing Artist, Actor, and Assistant Director. She continues to expand her artistry in Theater, Dance, Music Videos, Films and more to discover, finding new ways of expression. Her IG is @manatsu.tanaka and her website is www.manatsutanaka.com.

Photo Credits: @imaginatordeto, @johncamino, @thelene, @alongiphoto