KitchenDanceFloor: The Drama of Java

Happy New Year, if you haven’t already heard it from me!

Someone recently told me, “It’s impossible to feel negative feelings when you dance”. I totally agree and I think if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

So, I’m kicking off a #kitchendancefloor series with a video I did a few months back. I’m a big advocate for dancing anywhere and at any time because it’s movement that makes us feel better and feel more present. That’s why I’m starting this little #kitchendancefloor series – to celebrate that movement can (and should) happen anywhere YOU feel good.

Here’s to more dancing in random places this year (and especially in one my favorite place – the kitchen!). Feel free to share your videos and make sure to hashtag #kitchendancefloor or #rahdanceworks.

Keep movin’,