What Moves You? @ Arshiya Bhan


Arshiya Bhan: Dancer
Toronto, Canada

What Moves You?
“I can express multiple emotions through the power of dance. This is what moves me.”

About Arshiya
“My name is Arshiya Bhan, and I am a Toronto based dancer, choreographer and a You tuber. I have been dancing for the past 14 years with training in Bollywood and lyrical and self-taught in Belly Dance and Hip-hop. I am thankful to have had many opportunities over the years such as performing at Toronto Raptors, Toronto International Film Festival, and Iffa awards to name a few. These experiences have helped me grow as a person and as a dancer. I also run a fitness class for women called Belly AB Fitness. In this class, I combine intense workouts and dance as a full-body workout. The philosophy of this class is not only to promote fitness but also to ensure all the female participants leave my class feeling positive, confident and sexy.”