What Moves You @ Lindsey Silvera

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Lindsey Silvera: Dancer
South Orange, NJ

What Moves You? 
“What moves me is the NEED to move. Anytime that I’ve ever lost touch with dance, I always had this energy that pulled me back and I think that really means something. When I dance I feel I am completely and truly myself. It encompasses everything around me. It makes me deal with personal issues, challenge myself, and most importantly enjoy every minute of life I am given. It gives me this feeling of purpose that we all search for, and that it is a feeling that I won’t let myself give up.”


More about Lindsey
“I am a graduate from Rutgers University. After graduating I went into a corporate job and quickly found that dance is what I should be doing. I’ve been pursing dance in New York since then. I’m part of an afro-brazilian modern dance company, teach dance and work at dance studio in the city. I’ve been dancing in local studio since the age of 5. I then studied dance in college and started training at studio in the city.”