What Moves You? @ Quilan Cue Arnold


Quilan Cue Arnold: Dancer, Choreographer, Scholar
Germantown, MD

What Moves You?
“Creativity, Unity, and Empowerment.”

Quilan “Cue” Arnold (MFA) is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer based out of Baltimore, Maryland and New York City, New York. His research considers identity and representation of the black male in American society through a Hip-hop lens. Quilan’s process has inspired him to form the organization, onC.U.E, which uses dance to educate students on the impact of Hip-hop culture beyond its music. Quilan’s recent credits include a guest artist residency at University of Memphis, performing for the NY Philharmonic, and holding faculty appointments at Towson University and Gibney Dance Center.

For more, cue4christ.wordpress.com.