What Moves You? @ Gabriella Sibeko


Gabriella Sibeko: Dancer
Montreal, Quebec

What Moves You?
“Music moves me. Sound, in general, moves me. Sensations–both physical and emotional move me. Anger, excitement, nostalgia— my emotions influence the way in which I am being moved. Humans and their individual energies move me.”

Gabriella Sibeko (Montreal, Canada) began her dance training studying classical ballet under the direction of Paula Urrutia. She started training at the Ailey School in 2013 as a Scholarship Student and later continued her training in the Certificate Program, graduating in May of 2016. She has performed works by Alvin Ailey, Nathan Trice, Yoshito Sakaruba, Ellenore Scott, Amy Hall, Hope Boykin, Francesca Harper, Jacqueline Buglisi, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Antuan Byers and Dwight Rhoden to name a few. She has danced for IKADA Contemporary Dance Company, Gotham Dance Theatre and Dirty Soles Dance. She is currently a member of Nathan Trice RITUALS, ELSCO dance and DEPTH Dance.

Photo credits include: Alexx Duvall, Omar Z Robles, PK Aidoo