What Moves You? @ Brigid Transon


Brigid Transon: Choreographer
Delafield, WI

What Moves You? 
“Dancers and audience members creating connection through empathy and personal narrative.”

Brigid recently moved to New York in order to receive her masters as a Lincoln Center Scholar at Hunter College in Dance Education. She loves the process of working with dancers and using free writes to create movement. Her favorite moments of choreographing come from the time spent in the studio discussing the movement and what the movement means to the dancers working with her. She is looking for avenues to pursue showcasing her choreography outside of the school setting. Brigid received her undergraduate degree in dance at The University of Wisconsin- Madison with certificates in global health and dance movement therapy. She works to incorporate what she has learned through dance therapy into her choreographic practices using authentic movement as a method in addition to free writes for generating movement. She is intrigued with simple pedestrian movement and how she can transform the movement onto the stage.

For more, http://www.brigidtranson.weebly.com

Photo credit: Nolan Elsbecker (headshot), John Maniaci, and Maureen Janson Heintz