What Moves You? @ Courtney Murray


Courtney Murray: Dancer
Boulder, Colorado

What Moves You? 
“The need to connect with people. One of my favorite elements of dance is that it creates a connection between people, whether it’s you and the audience or you and dancers. The world makes it hard to open up to people and dance forces you to be vulnerable and invite people in. I love the moments in class when you get to improv with the other dancers. People I don’t even know their names but we are dancing together and connecting and looking each other in the eyes. No where else can you do that and be in a safe place. It’s magical.”

About Courtney
I started dance when I was four because I was born extremely pigeon toed and the doctors suggested to try dance or surgery. I feel in love with dance because I was a shy girl with a lisp and it helped me feel like I had a voice when in real life I felt I didn’t. I was trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, swing, and tango. I had the honor of being a company member in the Schiff Dance Collective, Blue Moon Dance Company, Rogue Co. Dance, Sammy J Dance, and The Damsels. After moving to New York, I trained in Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester Program where my choreography won the Choreography Award for that year. Now I dance with Borne Dance Company while choreographing dance films. Dance has made the biggest impact in my life, it has allowed me to speak when I couldn’t, it has nourished my body and it pushes me to step out of my comfort zone every single day.

For more, courtneymurraydance.com