What Moves You? @ Anna Maria Johannes

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Anna Maria Johannes: Dancer/Choreographer/Artist
Landsberg am Lech, Germany

What Moves You? 
“As a dancer I tell stories through movements with my body, no words needed. I just dance everything that I want to express. Those who see, will understand and feel it. This is what is fascinating…this is my passion. For me dancing is as important as breathing is for a non-dancer.

-‘The instrument by which the dance expresses itself is also the instrument by which life is lived: the human body!’ – Martha Graham”

Anna Maria Johannes was born in 1990 close to Munich, Germany. Between the ages of 5-18 years she passed all of the R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) examinations with the highest result “distinction”. In 2012 she graduated with a master as a professional contemporary dancer by “CobosMika Company” in Barcelona. Before that she trained with “Iwanson International” in Munich and “Danseuddannelsen” in Copenhagen. That same year she received an important culture award for “excellent achievements in contemporary dance” and soon after she got her first job as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and show manager in Switzerland. Since January 2014 she lives in New York City to carry on with intensive training in order to improve her dancing skills and continue working on her professional dancing career. She is a member of the Mad about Dance Company, MJM, CeDan Dance Company and works with known choreographers and in different projects. In between in 2016 she got a new Engagement in Spain as a dancer and choreographer.