What Moves You? @ Leah Moriarty


Leah Moriarty: Dance Artist
New Haven, CT

What Moves You?
“Loving and being loved moves me but fear, rage and loss move me as well. My community moves me the most, especially when I feel completely lost or stuck.”

Leah is a Brooklyn-based dance artist who began her training at the Educational Center for the Arts High School in New Haven, Connecticut focusing on dance and choreography. She received her BFA in Dance at the Universtiy of Massachuetts as part of the Five College Dance Department. Since graduation, Leah has worked with choreographers Kellie Lynch, Donna Mejia, Shalewa Mackall, Ni’Ja Whitson, and Rosangela Sylvestre. She is currently working with Joya Powell and Souleymane Badolo. She also works as a study abroad coordinator for ThisWorldMusic, a dance and drum intensive in Ghana.

Leah’s dance ensemble, Beat Piece will be performing at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn on May 7th.

Photo Credit: Laura Gauch