What Moves You? @ Shannel Resto

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Shannel Resto: Choreographer, Dancer, and Photographer
Boston, MA

What Moves You? 
“The interaction of all artists and how they effect the world through showing different perspectives and sharing it with the world.”

Shannel Resto born in New York City is a choreographer, dancer, artist activist, photographer and costume designer. Resto grew up in Boston, MA and graduated from the performing arts high school Boston Arts Academy. She is graduating with her BFA in dance at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts. She has also trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for dance and choreography in London. Resto as a photographer is currently sponsored by an umbrella of companies in London including Studio 101, AVIT Clothing Brand, and Beyond the Pages Publishing Agency as an ambassador. Her photography company SJR Photography was founded in 2013 and has build a network of clients from the performing arts world to capturing memorable moments for people. As a photographer I use my skills to influence my choreography and approach to dance in a different way. Shannel’s choreography has developed into a unique style and borrows from ranges of techniques. She see’s her dancers as clay that can mold and furniture that can play around with in a space. She ask’s her dancers most of the time to fill their movement with passion and punctuation, but to also always find their individuality. Her goal is not to entertain the audience, but to connect with them viscerally and gain a reaction through her art. She has performed her work at Rutgers University, Earl Mosley Institute of the Arts, and Trinity Laban in Boston, London, New York, New Jersey and many more places. She has also worked with Matthew Bourne, Kevin Wynn, Ronald K. Brown, Randy James, Paul Ocampo, Fernadina Chan, Kieth Thompson and many more. The message she communicates through her art is the freedom to explore the possibilities of the impossible. She hopes to broaden different communities minds through showing different perspectives through her dance and artistry.

For more, http://sjrestophotography.wixsite.com/sjrphotographs.