What Moves You? @ Anna Mayta


Anna Mayta: Dance improviser/choreographer and teacher
Santiago Chile

What Moves You?
“Let you’re vision be world embracing…” Baha’u’llah

Anna Mayta is a dance improviser, choreographer and teacher. She graduated from Empire State College in June 2001 with a BA in Dance in Education. November 2008 she got a certificate to teach yoga from Svyasa Swami Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore India. In 2006 she was awarded a dissemination award from the Dutchess County Arts Council in Poughkeepsie NY.  She has been teaching, performing and choreographing for 12 years. She has traveled for her work to India. Taught for the National Ballet of Zimbabwe in Africa. Baha’i dance camp in England and all over the greater Boston Area. Now she is currently working in upstate NY Hudson Valley area.

For more, https://www.facebook.com/Annamaytadancefusion/.

Photo Credits: Barbara Todd