What Moves You? @ Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross

Sarah Justin Duet 2

Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross: Dancer/Choreographer
New York, NY

What Moves You? 
“I’m alive. Life force and creative energy are the same thing.”

Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross have worked together professionally since 2013 with Jessica Taylor|DAMAGEDANCE and UrbanHumans. In the 2016/17 Season, Nagle & Ross launched their own original performance project: Chair|Bell|Tape. Chair|Bell|Tape is a performance art installation that is never repeated. Each performance simultaneously stands as a continuation of the previous study as well as an isolated work. C|B|T has been shown through the Creators in Residence program at EARTHDANCE in Plainfield, MA; with the Creators Collective as part of the curated event “Wander” at Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; as a durational installation at “All Over Westbeth” at WESTFEST in New York, NY; as a site-specific work for IDACO at the Baruch Center for Performing Arts in New York, NY; with the Sans Limites Dance 2017 Spring Season at the Hudson Guild Theater in New York, NY; and will be featured as a moving installation at the chashama Spring Gala 2017.

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All Over Westbeth at WESTFEST April 29th and 30th; IDACO Site Specific at Baruch Center for Performing Arts on June 2nd, Sans Limites Dance Spring Season at the Hudson Guild Theater on June 2nd; chashama Spring Gala on June 8th

Photo Credits:
Sarah Nagle, Justin Ross, duets – Matthew Polis