What Moves You? @ Whitney Leavitt


Whitney Leavitt: Dancer
Orem, Utah

What Moves You? 
“An internal force that drives my creativity and desire to simply, move. There’s a stirring feeling that continues to develop when invited to get up and do what brings me eternal bliss and great joy. This being brought to me, knowing how much happiness it brings me, how could anyone pass up that feeling? And that is why I move.”


Whitney Leavitt, currently receiving her Bachelors in Dance at Brigham Young University. Originally from Orem, UT, received her training at “The Dance Club” under the direction of Sheryl Dowling. While in Utah, she’s worked with or performed works by Travis Wall, Peter Chu, and Joey Dowling. Whitney has received several regional outstanding dancer scholarships with New York City Dance Alliance. Currently, Whitney is performing as an Ensemble member in a fully immersive show called, Sonder. It’s a contemporary and urban dance fusion that deeply connects the audience to the characters of the story. Whitney truly believes and lives by Martha Grahams words “…great dancers are great because of their passion.”

For more: sonderslc.com