What Moves You @ Dakota Celeste Bouher


Dakota Celeste Bouher: Dancer & Choreographer
Bandon, Oregon

What Moves You? 
“The current of the Universe. People and places… past, present, and future.”

About Dakota
Born and raised in a coastal Oregon town Dakota had many theatrical influences growing up – though she didn’t begin formal dance training until she was 16. In college she began studying modern dance and earned a Bachelor of Arts through the dance program at University of Oregon. In the two years after college Dakota has been focused on collaboration and through that interest has started a collection of work entitled “A series of duets featuring two women in their twenties.” This project is still in progress but she hopes to debut the collection of five duets within the year. Together with her first collaborator, Mariah Melson, a two person company called BODY PARTY was born – and that collaboration is where a majority of work has been formed. Now she is making work under the umbrella title MAXIMUM GOODNESS. Inspiration includes the female existence, utilizing sensation and experience related to being feminine, exploring the sexual being, and values intimacy in relationships. The work is also inspired by multimedia focuses including painting and poetry. Dakota has performed in Eugene and Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Missoula, MT, Washington D.C., and New York, NY. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY.

For more: http://dakotabouher.wixsite.com/dakotabouherdance