What Moves You? @ Rachel Caron

Rachel Caron: Dancer
Eddington, Maine

What Moves You? 

About Rachel

I grew up in Maine. The state that everyone vacations to, but nobody actually lives in. Now…as much as I love where and how I was raised, because I truly did, you better believe that the second that I got the chance to chose my own place of residence for college…I went clear across the country to the land of sunshine and palm trees when I studied at The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts in Southern California. The school is also a traveling performing arts troupe, and I toured around the world with them, educating and performing in more than 14 different countries in less than 4 years. I later moved to Chicago where I was a Choreographer at a Performing Arts Academy, went back to California and was a Jazz Dance Instructor at a Performing Arts High School…but have most recently found myself here, back on the East Coast in this beautifully chaotic, weird, wild and wonderful concrete jungle that most people know as “New York City”… but we call home. I think I’m finally at home.

Photo Credits:

Polaroid-Mike Hallahan
Split- John Molloy
Street- Jacob Caron
Mosaic- Kyle Wood