What Moves You? @ Jonathan Breton


Jonathan Breton photo by Margaux Breton

Jonathan Breton: Choreographer & Dancer
Saint Gervais la Forêt, France

What Moves You? 
“Curiosity and Emotions! I love exploring new cities, countries, and getting to know new cultures… Anything I can learn is feeding me as well as my dance and art. Emotions are the #1 thing that gives birth to my movement, and I hope that audiences feel something as well, anything, when attended a piece I choreographed or performed in . I want to keep discovering things and being hit by the whirlpool of multiple emotions – and to be able to translate them into movement and energy.”

Jonathan graduated from the Superior Institute of Performing Arts of Paris and obtained his French National Ballet Technique Examination at the Paris Opera before moving to New York to further his dance education at the Alvin Ailey School, and then at the Martha Graham School (as an open student). Jonathan performed in several musicals and with many dance companies, including Alison Cook Beatty Dance, Transcendance Group, Eryc Taylor Dance, Zion Dance Company, Footprints, Coyote Dancers… among others. He choreographed for la Compagnie de l’Etoile in France for 4 years, and he is now choreographing for AZOTH Dance Theatre, a NYC based dance company touring internationally. Jonathan has been performing, choreographing and teaching in 4 countries including France, USA, Poland & Denmark. Jonathan Breton is a member of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, the official world-wide organization for dance in the world.

For more on Jonathan: http://www.bretonjonathan.wix.com/jonathan
For more on the company Jonathan choreographs for: AZOTH Dance Theatre

See the performance at City Center Studios in NYC on May 28th:



Photo Credits: Alison Stock, Margaux Breton