What Moves You? @ Sarah Elaz

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Sarah Elaz: Dancer
North Andover, MA

What Moves You? 
“The potential for movement to define a movement.”

Sarah is passionate about using movement to move others. Sarah currently resides in New York City pursuing a professional dance career working with several diverse projects. She is a dancer in the emerging multimedia work “SHE: A choreoplay on sexual violence, Sandra Bland, and healing” that focuses on intersectional issues dealing with sexism and racism that women face in today’s society. The work is a play about five women, each with their own true story of abuse. It has been performed at New York Live Arts, Long Island University, and Brooklyn Museum. Sarah is also a member of the afro-contemporary company VashtiDance Theater and travels around with the company educating the youth about African dance and music. Lastly, Sarah is a member of the improvisation-based movement company Heath in Progress.

Sarah recently returned to the United States after participating in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey program in Israel where she intensively trained with the company for 5 months. During her time with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Sarah trained with some of the leading teachers in Israel and was able to choreograph her own work on the company’s stage. Before going to Israel, she lived in Boston, MA dancing with Danza Organica, a company focused on using dance to build and educate the community, and fight for social justice. Danza Organica led several “social justice through dance” workshops while Sarah was a company member and has gone on to teach several more around Boston and at Jacobs Pillow.

Sarah graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Commonwealth Honors College with dual degrees in Dance and Physics and was awarded the “Chancellor’s Talent Scholarship” for dance. In addition to publishing a physics paper as part of a biophysics research laboratory, her college dance research focused on using movement to communicate complex science topics to the general community. Sarah has trained in ballet, modern, jazz, cultural dance, and Gaga. She has performed works at Jacob’s Pillow Summer Dance Festival, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and all around New York and Boston. Her goal is to create a community of artists focused on using their art to inspire change in others while educating and strengthening communities.

For more: http://www.jinahparker.com/she-1

Photo Credits: Jim Coleman, Micky Hoelscher, Uri Nevo, James Larson