What Moves You? @ Ashley Simpson

Nicki Bosch2

Ashley Simpson: Dancer/ Choreographer /Writer
West Palm Beach, Florida

What Moves You? 
“When it comes to emotions, I have always struggled with the humanity of letting them show when I am feeling a certain way. When I dance, the separation between my feelings and my actions disappears. I move because it’s how I communicate feelings and emotions into another form, and I take pleasure in the fact that it can be for others, or just for myself. All I need is an open space and music, and it’s almost like I have my own therapy/relaxation session. Outside of the studio, it’s performing that keeps me going. The beauty of dance and dancers is that they (we) make shapes and tell stories with our bodies. For a dancer, creating is like inventing and dance is the invention that tells the story of the true human experience.”


Nicki Bosch

Ashley Simpson, originally from West Palm Beach Florida, is currently in the NYC B.F.A program with Fordham University/The Ailey School, majoring in dance and minoring in Communications. She is the Editor of Dancedeclassified.com and a writer for FLASH magazine. She is a Harlequin Floors scholarship winner, a 2016 Young Arts winner, and has won top 3 in Classical Ballet in the Youth American Grande Prix competition in Atlanta 2016. Ashley often collaborates with NYC based artists working in film, photography, and fashion.

As the editor/creator of dancedeclassified.com, Ashley documents the BFA experience in NYC and provides insight and articles about the many interesting dance/related people and places of NYC.

Photo credits: Alex Duvall (subway pass), Nicki Bosch (with street art), Mohammid Walbrook (over bridge)