What Moves You? Ash Lee


Ash Lee: Dancer
Budd Lake, NJ

What Moves You? 
“When you don’t make moves, everyone loves you; you are no competition. However, when you do, you’re suddenly the threat…or a reflection of what someone else wants to be. You are on the way to success. What moves me is this constant idea of trying to perfect an art that is near imperfect. There is no one way to dance, no final destination; it is an ongoing progress that is never completed. The learning is infinite, and so are the opportunities. This is how I grow. This is why I dance.”

Ashley Wiedow was born and raised in New Jersey. She started dancing at a young age, growing into what is now the expansive dance world. Within this time she furthered her career by attaining a BFA in Dance, dancing with companies, performances, and choreographing. She is currently sharing her knowledge with the newer generations through teaching, but her passion is for performance.

For more: www.youtube/exactlymypointe.

Photo credit in doorway: Vanessa Gonzalez- Bunster