What Moves You? @ Mariana Orozco Arango

Carlos Bocai

Mariana Orozco Arango: Mover
Bogotá, Colombia

What Moves You?
“My body, my brain, my passion, my soul.”

Mariana grew up surrounded by Latin American music, dance, and sports, and became a prominent figure in my local soccer and gymnastics clubs. Then she started dancing through Bellydance, Bollywood, Traditional Indian Dance and Tribal Fusion. It wasn’t until later on in life that she started studying Ballet, Modern, and Jazz; but fell in love with Modern dance, which lead her to move to the USA, to Israel, and now back to the USA through various movement studies. Mariana have also been studying different types of yoga for the past few years, which has heavily influenced the way she moves. Now she is focusing on researching movement in various settings, and discovering what the word dance really means.

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Photo Credits: Carlos Bocai, John Evans, Noel Valero, Dani Blake