What Moves You? @ T.S. Derricotte


T.S. Derricotte: Dancer/choreographer/educator
Newark, NJ

What Moves You?
“Dynamic Dance — Compassionate Expression”

Titilayo Derricotte received her B.F.A. from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (2010). Since then she has had the pleasure and honor to dance with New Jersey based African and modern dance company Umoja Dance for Karen Love; Kyle Abraham for Abraham.In.Motion, Laurie M. Taylor/Soul Movement, Simone Sobers, and Nathalie Matychak for MATYCHAK Dance Company. She is currently a member of Forces of Nature Dance Theater for Abdel Salaam. In addition, Titilayo has a passion for dance and arts advocacy, serving as founder and artistic director of the fiscally sponsored visual and performing arts organization Live It, Breathe It, based in Newark, NJ. She is currently developing a dance collective to bring awareness and exposure to endeavoring choreographers. The collective will provide a platform and a community of artistic support to showcase dynamic, inspired, genuine, and technical dance work. These endeavors go hand in hand with her work as resident choreographer and substitute teacher at Arts High School (Newark, NJ) and as a dedicated Ballet and modern dance instructor at Umoja Dance Studio (Vauxhall, NJ).

Photo Credits:  Dae Howerton