What Moves You? @ Raven Jelks


Raven Jelks: Dancer + Personal Trainer
Brooklyn, NY

What Moves You? 
“For me, dance has always been my way of staying connected to myself. There are times when I feel like I’ve completely lost who I am; the outside world has confused me and crushed me and convinced me that I am not worthy. Then I move and everything comes back into focus for me. I stop thinking and I just go with whatever I’m feeling in that moment. I let go. I remember who I really am, not who the world wants me to be…and I really like that person.”

Raven Jelks, a native New Yorker, received her BFA in Dance from Adelphi University with a minor in Photography. Upon graduating, she moved to Rochester to dance for Garth Fagan Dance. Raven is now working as a freelance dancer/choreographer in Brooklyn, NY and recently earned her Personal Trainer certification. Her most recent dance credits include projects with Kristin Sudeikis for Nike and Footlocker.