What Moves You? @ Cassandra Cotta


Cassandra Cotta: Dancer and Choreographer
Point Pleasant, NJ

What Moves You?
“Everything. Anything. Stillness is very challenging for me because I define myself as a being who lives in perpetual motion. I mean, just think about it. Even if you are staying “still,” you aren’t really – your heart is still beating, and because of that beating there is blood running through your veins, and you need to breathe to provide that blood with oxygen so your entire respiratory system is also in motion, and none of that could happen without your brain sending both conscious and unconscious messages throughout your body, which requires the firing of your neurotransmitters, which is movement – so there really isn’t a moment that each of us isn’t moving in some way. And knowing that excites me and fascinates me and makes me want to move even more.”

Cassandra Cotta is a professional dancer, choreographer, model and teacher from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. At the age of two, she began taking dance lessons at the Spring Lake School of Dance, and over the years received training in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop and African dance techniques. She has passed all of the Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams up through the professional levels, holds a BFA in modern dance performance from Temple University in Philadelphia and is a certified Pilates instructor through Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon in NYC. She has worked with many different choreographers and companies throughout the NYC and Philadelphia area including Chrismastersdance, Malcolm Low/Formal Structure, and Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. Most recently, she performed with London’s Bittersuite at BAM for their NYC premiere and danced in fashion week for designer Veronika Brusa’s brand Berenik. Currently, she dances for Kinesis Dance Theater Project and creates and performs with her own company, 5th Digit Dance.

Read more here: www.cassandracotta.com

Photo credits: John Roberts (head shot), Berenik (partnering), Tali Blankfeld (red house), Cesar Brodermann Photography (ball pose).