What Moves You? @ Alexandra Tatarsky


Alexandra Tatarsky: itinerant performer
New York City

What Moves You? 
“Old man poet named Norman reading a poem dedicated to an idiot.
My friend Angie dancing down to the ground and up towards G-d.
Dirt, street mimes, fake nails, parades.
Laila’s love for poodles with no teeth and the tongue just hanging out.
Alphabet City.
When people really care.

We need to live first of all; to believe in what makes us live and that something makes us live – to believe that whatever is produced form the mysterious depths of ourselves need not forever haunt us as an exclusively digestive concern.
–      Artaud”

Alexandra Tatarsky is a 2016 Movement Research Artist in Residence. She was born and raised in the East Village and likes to hang out in the park. Current research looks at the intersection of Russian Futurist poetry and Lecoq mime pedagogy as parallel practices of embodied resistance to totalitarian thinking. She teaches on holy fools and performance as resistance at the School of Making & Thinking (NY) and the School of Authentic Journalism (MX). Her solo pieces Beast of Festive Skin and SIGN FELT! premiered at La Mama ETC and have toured around the country. She is currently working on an Americana triptych exploring nonsense rhetoric, the word as a body, violence, loneliness, and laughter.

Upcoming events:
March 2 – April 30 // Holy Fools Class // School of Making + Thinking // Abrons Art Center
Feb 20 – March 17 // School of AuthenticJournalism // Kickstarter
Americana Psychobabble // June – July // NotNormal Festival // Brick Theater