What Moves You? @ Danielle Selby


Danielle Selby: Dancer/Choreographer
New York

What Moves You? 
“What moved me as a child was my sister. She has a physical disability and can not walk but she helped me learn to walk and we made dance show after dance show in our living room. What moved me as an adolescent was a desire to be heard despite my quiet reserved nature. As an adult what moves me now is joy and love. Joy as my daughter learns the fun of jumping and bouncing around our living room and love as I am embraced in the local dance community creating lasting friendships that go beyond the studio.”

Danielle Selby earned her BFA from the College at Brockport State University of New York. Her choreography has been performed at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Michigan Youth Arts Festival, RAD Fest, Built on Stilts, Detroit Dance Race, Inhale Performance series and others. Ms. Selby recently returned to New York after living in Michigan for several years. In Michigan, Selby was the Assistant Artistic Director for Happendance professional dance company and the Director of Operation for the Happendance Foundation. Danielle not only shares her love of dance on stage but also in the studio, having taught dancers age 3 to 83 in Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Partnering, Composition, Conditioning and Social Dance. 

Catch Danielle on Feb 11/12 at an upcoming performance (click here for details) or watch some choreography here!