What Moves You? @ Brittany Wilson

Next week we are partnering with ModArts Dance Collective to present Harlem Voices. In honor of this, we’ve been featuring dancers from the production! Both ModArts and SoHa Dance are here to promote Harlem and NYC artists, and we hope to see you at the show which is happening next week at Harlem School of the Arts. Tickets are $18 at the moment, so get yours now! Get tickets here.


Brittany Wilson: Choreographer/Dancer
New York City

What moves you?
“In the literal sense, the fear of being still. Even if I’m taking the smallest steps, I need to know that I am working toward a goal. Recently I’ve been taking more risks as an artist because I am inspired by so much these days. The good, bad and ugly. Throughout the last few years I tried convincing myself that I could not be an artist by immersing myself in things that didn’t fulfill me. I know better now.”

Brittany Wilson is a Queens native who began her training at the Edge School of the Arts. She later pursued a double major in Dance and Exercise Science at Lehman College in the Bronx. Upon graduation she was presented with The Choreography Award for her senior project entitled “Isn’t It Pretty To Think So”. She has been choreographing original pieces for 9 years which includes producing her first evening length concert in 2011 entitled “Fresh”. Her work has been presented at Lehman College, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!), Green Space, Bridge For Dance and Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. In 2014 she was appointed artistic director of Herbert Dance Company at Lehman College in which she was an active member since 2010. Brittany enjoys creating work inspired by, but not limited to, her journey as a woman. Aside from working with the company Brittany teaches ballet, tap and African to children ages 5-8.