What Moves You? @ Beverly Lopez


For the next two weeks we are thrilled to be featuring dancers from ModArts Dance Collective, our partner company in Harlem Voices. On August 19+20, Harlem Voices is a joint production from ModArts and SoHa Dance to promote Harlem artists at Harlem School of the Arts. Tickets are only $18 right now! Go to our events page for more info. 


Beverly Lopez: Dancer
New York City

What Moves You?
I move because I am always inspired to discover truth. The barriers that are created by my mind start to break down. The questions I ponder are answered when I am challenged and when I am feeling. Dance has challenged me and has taught me how to feel and what really matters. I see and understand and know that it is love, it is community, connection, and self-care that saves us all and makes everything clear.

Beverly is a dancer in the Herbert H. Dance Company and has choreographed and presented independent work at festivals around New York City. As a graduate with a BFA in Multi-Media and Performing Arts, Beverly is working to bring a performing arts culture to Ps.25, The Bilingual School. She coordinates seasonal showcases and is structuring a new theatrical element to the after school curriculum. Beverly was trained in the Dancing to Connect℠ methodology through Battery Dance Company’s DTC Institute and will continue to direct her own Dance Bridge program in the Bronx. She wants to thank Leah Tubbs and the ModArts Collective dance company for the opportunity to take part in this beautiful presentation!