What Moves You? @ Matthew Ting

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Matthew Ting: Dancer
New York City

What Moves You?
“I suppose it depends on what is meant by ‘move’. If we mean what motivates me to dance, then it is the joy of ever searching to better myself paired with the joy of moving to music. If we mean what inspires me in general, I could say that the strength of humanity comes from our ability to cooperate, and that we as a species are moving more and more towards greater cooperation and understanding. Also, the incredible strides science has made in improving human lives and expanding our knowledge, and how that has opened worlds to us that our ancestors never dreamed of. Really though, being human, what moves me are stories. All these things are meaningless without a story to put them into context and give them meaning. I cherish the story that humanity is progressing towards being more cooperative, curious, and kind.”

Matthew Ting was born in Philadelphia and grew up in El Paso, TX. He first danced for Leah Tubbs in 2012. He is a principal dancer of Ballet for Young Audiences, where he also serves as ballet master. He is also a member of The New York Baroque Dance Company and has danced for companies such as Connecticut Ballet, mishiDance, stringdance+media, and JT Lotus Dance Company. He is a graduate of the Great Books program of St. John’s College, Annapolis.

Photo Credits: Debra Bona and Storm Garner