What Moves You? @ Jillian Roberts


Jillian Roberts: Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher
New York City

What Moves You?
“Meaning moves me. Every piece I create has some kind of meaning behind it. Whether it is one phrase, two eight counts, or a full-length set, there is always a clear intention behind my movement. My choreographic process always starts with the music first, followed by the movement; I like to listen to the music over and over, develop the mood/feeling/story that match the music, then create the movement that conveys that mood/feeling/story.”

Jillian Roberts is an elementary school teacher and dancer from Washington, DC. Trained since age 3 in ballet, modern, tap, and jazz, Jillian fell in love with hip hop thanks to movies like You Got Served and Step Up. Middle school talent shows were the beginning of her hip hop dance journey. Fast forward to college, when Jillian humbly trained under two hip hop OGs from Philly, Clyde Evans and Moncell “illKosby” Durden, who helped developed her foundation in groove, popping, locking, and house. Jillian danced and choreographed in hip hop, step, and burlesque groups at Wesleyan, and taught workshops on and off campus to adults and children with a variety of dance experience. She also co-founded the dance organization Milk & Choreo, which introduced beginners on campus to hip hop dance, gave experienced dancers opportunities to choreograph and teach, and brought in outside artists from both East and West Coast dance communities to teach workshops on campus.

Jillian is currently a dancer, choreographer, and Team Captain on Mint Dance Company. She also serves as guest faculty at House of Movement, as well as an Artistic Associate and Dancer with Abdul Latif – D2D/T. Jillian’s choreography is a blend of strong, powerful movement, syncopated isolations, and “gooey” grooves, with pockets of hip hop fundamentals like popping and houses prinkled throughout.

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