What Moves You? @ Christina D’Amico

With knowledge comes power – and I’m so impressed with the information that Christina, this week’s feature, is sharing! As a strength coach, she is making the next generation of dancers smarter, healthier, and more informed about their bodies. I’ve known Christina for a few years now. I’ve always loved watching her grow as a performer and artist, but I’ve recently been blown away by the creativity she brings to her training. She is playing such an important role to the health and vitality of the dance community. I’ll let her speak for herself! Let’s see what moves her…


Christina D’Amico: Strength and Nutrition Coach/Dancer
Utica, NY

What Moves You?
“Aw man, this is a fully loaded question! I was actually thinking about this question the other day while driving (long drives create a lot of new ideas for me-is this good or bad, I am not quite sure yet!). I was trying to pinpoint what gives me that sensation of fullness. That feeling I get in my stomach when something is so incredible that it truly “moves” me from inside-out. I often get this sensation when I see musicians jamming out or when dancers can feel the energy from one another during full-bodied exploration. It’s almost like a natural high. It’s the moment when you can say, ‘I get it.’

I get this same feeling when I work with people and help them change their lives. For example, when I work with a dancer and they finally understand the connectivity we’ve been working hard on developing. It’s not just about how their body looks or how big or small their muscles are. It’s about being able to train their bodies and utilize them to move in whatever direction, intensity, and manner they want. Having the freedom to do so because they are confident, athletic, and strong. This sensation is what has ‘moved’ me to work with dancers and create Enhance4Dance.”


Christina D’Amico is a native to Upstate NY residing in Utica. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Science and Exercise Physiology from The College at Brockport.  She also holds a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Nutrition through New York Chiropractic College. In 2014, Christina and her boyfriend Ryan Obernesser opened a functional training facility in Utica called O.B. Training & Sports Performance where they coach athletes and adults guiding them to “taking back their lives.” Christina’s passion for dance and wellness has inspired her to create a program specific to dancers called Enhance4Dance. Her program aims to educate dancers how to become stronger and better dancers through resistance training, mobility, and stability.

Christina continues to develop her own dance career with Vanessa Van Wormer, Heather Roffe Dance, Bill Evans, and The Brockport Dance faculty.  She has had the opportunity to work with various artists and companies including Kate Weare, Camille A. Brown, Diane McIntyre, Keigwin & Company, Mariah Maloney, and Doug Varone. Christina also attends seminars with Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and International Association for Dance Medicine and Science to continuously grow.

Read more about and follow Christina’s work on the obtaining website and social media!

Photo credits @ John Latini (headshot) and @ Adam Brockway (subway shots)