What Moves You @ Maddy



Maddy: Dancer
Bronx, NY

What Moves You?
“Wow. Good question. Oh boy. I just enjoy it. It sets me free. It helps me relax. I put music on at home and I’m just dancing. Just one of those things. If I get couped up or need an escape….I’m very within myself but dancing makes me free.”


The joy of dancing washes away fears, releases tension, introduces happiness, and can be a starting point for self- awareness. These are the reasons I went into “dance” as a career and why I have so enjoyed teaching it to the seniors at PSS Davidson. When Maddy came into class (I think she was the first one actually!), she brought in her big spirit and easy temperament. She has been a wonderful advocate for how special and important movement is. She’s such a treasure and I’m so happy to feature her this week on the blog. Here’s to Maddy!

(Maddy in pink!)