What Moves You? @ Malandra Hastick

The realest friendships are formed when you’re able to speak your truth, no matter what. And I’m not sure I know anyone more real than Malandra. She has that rare quality where she knows exactly how to express herself – verbally and physically. I deeply appreciate that. She is sassy and fiercely protective; and she is genuine and caring. Plus, she has the best skin I’ve ever seen in my life. Ser-i-ous-ly. Which is a good reason to follow her vegan food posts so we can all gain some tips and tricks (link below). OK and she’s ALSO an incredible dancer and choreographer and I’m so excited to collaborate with her on a new upcoming movement project! Stay tuned for more details on that. In the meantime, let’s find out what moves her…


Malandra Hastick: Dancer/Choreographer
Bronx, NY

What Moves You?
“My mother moves me. My mother gave up performing and traveling within the West Indies to raise her children. I move for my mother. Every time I dance, all those performances I did were for her. When I was younger she never missed a show. I’m happy that she passed down her talent to me. It’s not easy being a single mother with 4 children. I’m eternally grateful to have her.

Also, the different cultures in our world move me. I love the variety of all the sounds created from African Drums to Chinese Bells. You name it, I move my body to it! I want to be able to inspire people to come out of their comfort zone and find their inner sexy. Once you feel good you look good. Dancing helps to build our confidence. It’s therapeutic for me. When I’m stressed I dance. When I’m happy I dance. Dance is life!”


“My name is Malandra but my stage name is Mo(e). I come from a Grenadian household and mother who was a former dancer in Grenada. I’ve been dancing since the age of 3. I started out in a ballet program in Lehman College for kids on the weekend, then continued to dance at my elementary school as a “Stockette.” A “Stockette” was a modified version of The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in New York City (I even got to dance with them behind the scenes and take a jazz/tap class with them in the 6th grade). In high school I went completely out of my comfort zone and joined a hip hop group called Overdose, owned by Sheree’s House of Dance. We’ve done countless videos/auditions/performances for a variety of artists/programs: AGT, ABDC, Flo-Rida, Nike and even Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. I eventually became a dance teacher in 2013 teaching K-8th grade students modern, ballet & hiphop. I’ve also choreographed dances since the 8th grade. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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Photo Credit @ Walt aka da_wizard