What Moves You? @ Joseph Hayes III

This week I’m featuring the closest person to my heart, mind, and soul. He makes me think bigger and do more; he encourages my ideas and continuously believes in my work. He challenges everyone around him to be better. Watching him paint… it feels like the purest dance. His whole body takes over. His movements are guttural – like his body is reacting to something higher than cerebral thought patterns. It’s an outerbody experience that materializes, and I feel lucky that I get to witness it from time to time. He inspires me everyday. And since Friday is his birthday, this week’s feature is for him!


Joseph Hayes III: Artist
Bronx, NY

What Moves You?
“It’s an ethereal feeling… My soul moves me to paint.”


Joseph Hayes is a Bronx-born painter, street artist, creative consultant, and cultural provocateur. Hayes has made a name for himself displaying public art throughout Manhattan and curating shows, as well as using the culinary world as a vehicle for his raw and authentic form of expressionism. The Bronx native also turned heads with his solo show “WHITE” in 2015 at Caelum Gallery, “Untitled” at Rogue Space, and “Don’t Die”. Whether it is his past history with Interscope Records, being brand manager for fashion designer Brian Wood, or his extensive work in the culinary arts, Hayes has his hand in a variety of artistic mediums which fuels his primarily focus in the fusion of painting, street art, and cooking. All mediums reveal his deep understanding of love, struggle, pain, intense emotion and human experience. He has worked with many renowned artists but most revered by him are Chef Patrick Connolly and artist Mathew Barney. In combination with his artist ambitions, Hayes is also an advocate for community development, working with public school students around NYC on ad-hoc art projects. As an artist he has been producing his own work, creating his own events, and booking his own tours for the past three years.

Check out his website here, and his social media here (Instagram) and here (Twitter).