What Moves You @ Stacia Sleight

A major idea behind the “What Moves You?” project is to connect movement-professionals and fans from around the world. It showcases a common love and is a verbal documentation of what is known when we physically move – that dance transcends AND celebrates culture, gender, race, age, body-type, and more. I reached out to my friend Stacia to be a part of the blog this week because she’s making similar efforts by working simultaneously with dancers in different cities through her Remote Dance Project. And on top of that awesomeness, she’s just an artist you don’t take your eyes off of because of her infectious creativity, genuine beauty, and undeniable talent. Check out her project and read her response to “WMY?” below!


Stacia Sleight
Choreographer / Teacher

What Moves You?
“Taking a deep look at ‘what moves me’ led me to a series of reflective questions: Is it my surroundings? Lending a helping hand? Hoping to inspire a young soul? From the first memory of my mom strapping my 2 year old self into the smallest, shiniest ballet slippers, I knew I wanted to be a dancer. Yet, it wasn’t until my overly cliché ‘quarter life crisis’ that I knew I needed to be. See for me, what moved me wasn’t found in the tangible. The fire within me only found it’s brightest glow after seeing the coals turn grey. I spent so much time waiting for others to deem me ‘good enough’ to take me along for their ride when in reality, I just didn’t have the balls to make it happen for myself. What moves me is the energy I am finding more and more everyday to create my own opportunities. My fire burns to forge a creative path for myself and other passionate souls who share the common goals of performing, collaborating and pushing the boundaries of movement. Although sometimes it might feel like you’re taking one step forward only to get pushed two steps back, know that if your intention is focused and your commitment is strong, your path will emerge. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t just want to find your path, you need to.”


A proud New York native now living in Center City Philadelphia, Stacia Sleight holds a BFA in Dance from SUNY Brockport. Stacia’s current passion project is the Remote Dance Project, a multi-city dance collaborative that unites dancers from across the Northeast each month to explore movement and how it might translate in film vs. traditional performance spaces. Currently creating a full length, multi-media work to debut in 2017, Sleight actively sets movement on a wealth of 7 deep rooted, athletic female dancers using inspiration from each individuals deepest, darkest experiences. Sleight has developed several technique and improvisational class styles to target a range of artists from beginners to advanced movers. While teaching weekly Modern Dance Technique, Stacia’s movement style focuses strongly on release technique and spatial ownership with great influence from her teachers and mentors during her years studying at SUNY Brockport. Alongside teaching and choreographing, Stacia has performed and worked hand in hand with modern dance companies across the region including Dianne McIntyre, Monica Bill Barnes, Kegwin & Company, John Jasperse, Treeline Dance Works and the Brockport Dance Faculty.

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Photo Credit @ Melissa Engle Photography (stairs) and Oh Boy Artists (b&w)