What Moves You? @ Michele Wilson

Now that Michele is in my life, I literally don’t know what I would do without her! She is one the most charismatic, fierce, funny, strong, determined, honest, cheeky, creative….I could go on and on…women I know. We danced during and after college together for a company called Jostle, and now that I get to spend more time with her as a member of SoHa, I fully understood how incredible she is. Her heart shines through her dancing and her smile lights up a room. I’m very lucky she is a part of the company and in my life. Let’s see what moves her!

MWilson Headshot

Michele Wilson
Dancer and Administrator

What Moves You?
It moves me to see music, emotion, feeling, meaning, and inspiration coming to life.  Movement is the conduit through which all of this flows from one person to the next.  Sending and receiving messages viscerally, no words needed.  I’m always moved.


Michele Wilson grew up dancing at several local dance studios in her hometown of Elmira, NY. Michele then went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from the State University of New York, College at Brockport. During her years at Brockport and since, she has studied with artists including Wally Wolfgruber, David Dorfman, Bill Evans, Jacquie Davis, Jenn Nugent, and James Hansen. After graduation, she headed to New York City where she works and plays as a dancer and arts administrator. Deeply rooted in the NYC dance world, Michele has held positions at Gallim Dance, the American Dance Festival, Youth America Grand Prix, and Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, as well as Gibney Dance where she currently works as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Michele produced and performed in the SUNY Brockport AlumniDance Showcase for four years.  She also served on the Junior Committee of Dance/NYC for two years, and is now a member of their Advisory Board. Michele has performed extensively in NYC and across the country with choreographers including Missy Pfohl Smith, Marisa Ballaro, Jocelyn McIntosh, Stacy Pottinger, and Jenny Showalter, as well as in the half-time show of the Pro-Bowl in Honolulu.

Check out some of the companies she’s involved with here and here!

Photo Credits @ Scott Shaw