What Moves You? @ Leah Fox

Whenever I saw Leah dance (whether in rehearsal, or in the street with her tap shoes pounding some wood), she brought a smile to every face. Leah is a dancer-creator-teacher-yoga inspiration-mom-awesome person. Her remarkable musicality makes her a rhythm queen, and her open heart is continuously genuine. Knowing her reassures me that no matter where life takes us, we’re always moving. So, what Moves Leah?


Leah Fox: Teacher + Maker
NYC + Lancaster, PA

What moves you?

Dedicating time to play, to be creative, to make messes makes me feel whole and connected to myself. Teaching others (kids + adults) to express themselves though yoga, dance, or making art brings me joy.


Leah is a mom, a yoga + movement teacher, and a maker. When her son was born, she transitioned from teaching dance full time in the NYC schools to making malas. She has always been interested in the spiritual side of things, and her necklaces are a physical representation of a practice that connects the wearer with something greater. They are made with 108 beads, and are traditionally used for meditation + prayer. She calls it her evolving collection : Charm & Magic, and each piece helps people tune into themselves and the true expression of who they are.

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