What Moves You @ Sophia Maier

I have a huge passion for photography. Before I realized how important dance was in my life, I was deeply involved in pursuing a career in photography. To document moments with people and places is a powerful way to tell stories and make statements. It even captures movement in a unique and untraditional way. While in Berlin, I was lucky enough to connect with Sophia, a photographer who has recently done work on a project supporting victims of the recent Nepal earthquake. I wanted to feature her this week because of her artistry in capturing movement and moments, and for her ability to give back to a community she cares about deeply. Let’s see what’s moving Sophia…


Sophia Maier: Photographer/Journalist
Munich, Germany

What moves you?

My dog. Nepal. The world. Injustices in the world. Life. As well as death. Fear of death. Profound humans. Inspiring conversations. Searching and seeking for the truth. Understanding there is no truth. Realizing there is just hope. Living in hope. Love. Loving humans. Trying to love myself. Failing to love myself. Myself. Being myself. Hope again. Hope for a better future. A wonderful future.


Sophia Maier was born in 1987 in Munich, Germany. She holds a Master’s degree in politics and philosophy. Her Master thesis is about the sense of life in Albert Camus’ existential philosophy. While she was a student she started her travels to various countries. Her first trip allowed her to work in an orphanage in Soweto, South Africa in 2012. Her next big trip, in 2014, was working in Nepal as a english teacher for buddihst monks and involved long travels in the Himalayas. After the big earthquake in April 2015 she visited the country twice to help the victims and during that time her project, “Faces of Nepal” emerged. The project shows photographs of people who have lost everything – their home, their family, their future. Proceeds from these photos go to charity. Check out her work here.