What Moves You? @ Jadi Carboni

Happy Holidays! I have a special edition of the blog today because the feature this week is on someone I haven’t seen personally or known very much about, so it’s an extra treat (especially for me). I was researching the “dance scene” in Rome, Italy and her name kept popping up. So, following the signs, I decided to take a deeper look online. Right away I was drawn to Jadi’s energy and love for movement in all mediums. Her work and experience speaks for itself. She is a worldly performer and creator and I look forward to meeting her soon. Thanks for being a part of the blog Jadi!


Jadi Carboni: Performer and Creator
Berlin, Germany

What moves you?

“My breathing arise my movement, I follow the rhythm of my heart.
Smelling, touching, hearing, I dance through each moment of my life.
Every taste, look, dream that truly vibrates in my heart, is the flame.
The fire which transforms and guides my skin, my soul.”


In 2001, Jadi graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome and won a school-scholarship at the Venice Biennale, under the direction of Carolyn Carlson. At the end of 2003, she moved to Amsterdam, to study at the School for New Dance Development. For four years she traveled between Scotland, USA, Holland and England, to then come back in 2009 to Berlin. Since 2002 she has been working with several dance companies such as Danza Ricerca, the Scottish National Theater, Sense Labor Theater Company, Dalma primordial Science, Sasha Waltz and Guests, Anu Theater, and Feeding the fish- juggling- dance company.

Since 2012, she performed in different production of the Staats Oper and Sasha Waltz. In summer 2013, Jadi received the El Ray Award as Best Leading Actress at the Barcelona Film festival- with the move Is that the question ? – by Johanna Rousset. In October 2015 she achieved the Certificate of Professional Yoga Teacher at Sivasoorya Ashram – in Kerala India.

In her work, Jadi likes to integrate somatic and physical disciplines, with sound and voice experimentation, through improvisation practices. Currently, Jadi is working on her own project called Complementary Device, which contains a series of performances and texts, inspired by the anatomy of the body and the complementary/opposite nature of the forces/energies ruling our existences.

More info on Jadi here!