What Moves You @ Amira Collective

Tastemakers are rare. They influence the world, and hold a power that few have and know how to utilize. But what influences and moves them? I believe Romina Keilhofer, the mastermind behind Amira Collective, is a true tastemaker. Her keen eye for detail, quality, style, emerging talent, and her ability to create good vibes anywhere she goes is practically tangible. I’ve known her for the past several years and consider her one of my closest friends and inspirations. Since I’ve been staying with her in and out of Berlin for the last few weeks I had to ask her to be a part of our What Moves You project!

romina closeup


Romina: Artist Representative and Director of Amira Collective
Berlin, Germany

What moves you?
New York City moves me. I love the way the people create such colorful lives. The magic of all the different cultures make this place very unique.
Romina works as an artist representative and recently created Amira Collective to promote connections and events for artists. She has worked with companies like Joe by Joe, Cisionaire, SoHa Dance, and more. Based in New York and Berlin, Romina is taking Amira Collective to the global scale by connecting artists and art-lovers around the world. Find out more by following Amira Collective’s Instagram and Twitter.