What Moves You? @ Odilia Egyiawan

You know those moments when you see a performer and you just want to be with them, in their body, to feel what they feel? There is an underrated amount of power in these people and those moments. When I saw Odilia Egyiawan dancing in Of Riders and Running Horses during the Dance Umbrella Festival in London, I had one of those experiences. Her stage presence, musicality, and ability to give herself up to the space without losing herself was truly beautiful and empowering. Lucky for me I was able to chat with Odilia about her incredible performance and ask what moves her…


Odilia Egyiawan: Performer
London, UK

What moves you?
The emotional connection of my present self in correlation with music.

Odilia is known for her alternative Hip Hop style and in 2011 became the UK winner of SDK (Europe’s biggest Street Dance competition) and represented the UK in Chez Republic. She has performed with the top street dance companies including Zoonation ‘Into The Hoods’, Boy Blue Entertainment, D-Clash all female freestyle group form by Nike and was associate director for Avant Garde. Odilia has also danced for artists like Beyonce, Usher, Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole, Major Lazor, LaToya Jackson and The Brit Awards, MOBO Awards, London 2012 Olympics, The Royal Variety Show and many more. Follow Odilia on Instagram and Twitter!