What Moves You? @ Dan Canham

I had the pleasure of seeing Of Riders and Running Horses while I was in London during the Dance Umbrella Festival. I was truly blown away and very inspired by the concept and dancers. Performed on an open rooftop of a parking garage with live music and five female dancers, the performance revealed fresh rhythmic moves that flowed through dynamic group patterns in combination with freeing solo moments. For me, it was an accumulation of a lot of things I’m trying to work on as a choreographer and director: live music; fusing modern, folk/traditional, and urban styles; and audience participation. Luckily I was able talk with Dan Canham, the mastermind behind the production, and get him involved in our “What Moves You” project…

Image: Camilla Cerea

Dan Canham: Performance Maker
London, UK

What Moves You?
That which I cannot express in words. The animal in me. The joy, the anger, the erotic bit of me, the sorrowful bit, that which knows what it is to love and to have lost love. Rhythm and melody.


Dan Canham works as a contemporary performance maker. Central to his work lies an exploration that puts those performing and the felt experience of real human stories at its heart. Dan has previously worked as a performer for Kneehigh Theatre, DV8 Physical Theatre, Punchdrunk & Fabulous Beast among other companies. He draws a lot of inspiration from work outside of the UK and is open to collaborative possibilities within the UK and beyond. Find more info on Dan and the show here.

Photos from Of Riders and Running Horses: