In the beginning

First of all – thank you. All of the support and encouragement around what I am doing has made it possible to do what I do! After four years of working at a major ballet company, I’ve decided to pursue my dream of exploring dance around the world. I just came off a full-length production of my choreography in late August, after producing an event in NYC highlighting Harlem artists… and my next big move is to travel the globe and get inspired by the movers and shakers and tastemakers of our lifetime.

The goal of this blog is simple – to find out what moves the world.

What moves us, as human beings on this earth, and in this life? We’re all motivated by something (or many things) no matter how big or small that inspiration may seem. I know what moves me….dance and human connections! And even that can be manipulated at any moment, depending on my circumstance at any given time. We evolve, and our inspirations can change day-to-day or minute-to-minute. So I want to capture those moments. For myself, and with others. Because we’re all growing together.